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The Way of Tea

An installation built at the Secret Garden Party festival, during a muddy weekend in July. The piece was prefabricated in London as a kit of parts, constructed on site within 2 days, and disassembled in under 2 hours.

First and foremost, it is a tranquil retreat from the festival madness, where visitors can enjoy a moment to drink tea whilst viewing the scenery of the site. It is a celebration of the simplest of life's pleasures - tea!

Secondly, it is a playful piece, which experiments with ideas of ceremony, ritual, memory, and the processes of serving and drinking tea. Visitors are able to manipulate the view they have from the pavilion, by reorganising the placement of teacups on the pavilion table. They are also able to interact with previous visitors' arrangements, thus making connections between people's drinking habits and the views out of the pavilion.

Collaboration with Guy Woodhouse. This project would not have been possible without the help of Jonty Craig, Mike Hammock and Geraldine Holland.

“This is the geekiest, most amazing thing at this festival!”

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