Twilight Tweets (2013)
The Way of Tea (2012)
Monomyths (2010)
Huguenot's Legacy (2009)
Memory Theatre (2009)
Memory Exercises (2008)
Urban Syncopation (2008)
Bloomsbury Cider Mill (2007)



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Twilight Tweets

Populating the branches of the Secret Garden Party, this parliament of mechanical owls was designed and installed to embrace the festival's theme of Superstition. In cultures around the world, these birds have come to symbolise bad omens and ill-fortune for whoever they visit. However, our intention was to recast their mythological reputation and celebrate our wise, feathered friends!

This group of owls added curious and intriguing performing characters to the branches during the day, and a beautiful, vibrant projective display during the night. Seated in the trees of the Garden woods, wisely watching and responding to curious goings-on during the day, before flamboyantly coming to life after dark, the owls' performances mirror the changing experiences of the festival.

Collaboration with Guy Woodhouse. This project would not have been possible without the help of Nick Westby, Afra van' t Land, the Expanding Horizons team, and Ross Cairns.

“This is definitely my favourite thing at this festival!”

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